The 7 recruit sex must collection delivery

            skills collection big run, remember the following 7 points love seven strokes, you can reach her the bed, leading to her heart, into a disadvantage.

            concentration of

some people will stop thinking other irrelevant things in in the brain of sexual intercourse; remember, your partner is feeling particularly strong animal, she must perceive your distractions. Does not do well, she can you think of another woman! However. Some

Deviant sexual fantasies

is no exception. This can increase your enthusiasm stamina, might as well try; but the object is still in front of her remember this. To avoid a nearly names with



a sex experts gave countless lovers a revelation: you just try to close the mouth it with a paper towel dry all the water seal. Finger on the lips and then swipe, pay attention to feeling. Now and then his lips wet, put a finger swipe. How? Of course it is more make you wet lips "comfortable"? Male and female body has many can secrete natural lubricant organ. But their secretion have a common ills: very quick drying up. Try a water soluble lubricant (such as K-Yjelly or Orthojelly),

so that not only can make her feel you are considerate and clinking, also is helpful in the interest of both sides.

use a tongue


talk about is not only the oral sex . But it has a deeper meaning: talk. Oral sex is "

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