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Tips to Choosing the Best Eco Friendly Cat Deterrent Deciding on a suitable cat deterrent has never been an easy thing to do. There are hundreds of methods used to achieve the goal of keeping cats away but only a few are considered eco-friendly and suitable. There is no specific guide on how you must select among the different choices making the choice more of a trial and error technique until you settle for the most effective repellant. Here are some of the deterrents that you can pick from based on what works in your situation as no one method is measured and passed as the most suited since each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Choice a device that emits ultrasonic sound waves Cats are easily repelled by ultrasonic sounds. Choose devices that utilize rechargeable batteries or solar energy to operate in order to protect your plants from cat damage by releasing the ultrasonic sounds. Most users choose this method because of minimal harm on both plants and cats. Animal lovers are likely to advocate for this technique of repelling cats. Go for solar ultrasonic sound devices because they require no recharging as batteries would and the inability to detect this because the sounds are only audible to the cats is frustrating.
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You may be looking for something to keep cats from accessing your indoors. You will want something that is safe to use in your house considering that this is your personal space. Use scents such as lavender and lemon that irritate the cats but freshen the air for humans. Cats cannot withstand such smells no matter how pleasant they seem to you. Spray areas that the cat frequents most in the house as well as toilet areas. The cats will move away eventually after realizing that the smell is here to stay. Use repellant plants This effective technique is used both inside and outside the house. Cats have a general dislike for such plants. You can use them to repel cats by planting them in problem areas of your garden or using them as potted plants that you should keep at specific spots that the cat loves to stay. However, before you decide to plant it inquire from relevant authorities just how the plant will affect those close to it as well as the animal as you do not want a cat’s death to be in your hands. Nets and chicken wires This is an effective and perfect way of ensuring that cats are kept away and denied any access to your compound. Use it to fence important areas where vegetables and fruits are planted so as to discourage the entry of the cats.

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