The analysis of its character from her favorite sex position

from the woman’s favorite analysis of different sex posture up her character:

the missionary position

is a kind of sex in the missionary position posture, namely the male host, is at the top position in the male, the female superior relative. China ancient say over long, known in Japan as the normal position, is the most usual position sex . This position can let both sides continued to kiss, touch and watching, enrich each other the exchange of emotion. In order to change the traditional posture monotonous, male can change the drawing and inserting angle, female may reverse the buttocks.

character analysis: like the position of women compared to traditional also very heavy feeling, once fell in love with a man will continue to pay for this man.

traditional female host

the female superior is one of basic sexual intercourse posture. The sexual intercourse posture is the man lies on his back and the woman sitting on the man body, by either party will be a male vaginal . The female superior is initiated by women sexual intercourse posture, can let a female decision, is through the clitoris or G-spot stimulation, to obtain the run. If you want the former, women can lean forward, back bent down close to the root of the penis, partner. Try lateral move, by rubbing against G spot.

character analysis: like the position of women is strong, the pursuit of self – >

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