The Art of Mastering Animals

Interesting Facts About Alpacas The alpaca is a South American type of camelid domesticated for various purposes. It actually look quite like a llama, only smaller. Currently, there are two known breeds of alpaca. They are the Huacaya and Suri alpaca. Domesticated Today, alpacas are primarily kept in herds in the Andes, particularly in Ecuador, southern Peru, northern Chile, and northern Bolivia. The altitudes where they are raised are usually five thousand meters above the sea level. While they look very similar to llamas, they’re not actually bread to be animals of burden. In fact, they’re specifically bred for their fiber.
What You Should Know About Animals This Year
Alpaca Fiber
The Art of Mastering Animals
Alpaca fiber is comparable to wool in a way that it is mainly used for making woven and knitted items. The products coming from alpaca fiber are hats, scarves, blankets, sweaters, gloves, and different varieties of ponchos and textiles. These products are available in the entire South American region. In other parts of the world, the fiber is used for making coats, bedding, and socks. Peru currently has fifty natural colors that classify the different fiber qualities while the United States has sixteen color classification. Textile Use The textile industry on the other hand actually refers to the term “alpaca” as the hair of the Peruvian gentle beasts. In a more general perspective, it actually refers to the type of fabric made using alpaca hair. Nonetheless, the modern use of the word actually covers other similar fabrics coming from English wool, Icelandic sheep wool, and even mohair. History Even though it is not as common in parts of the world outside South America, the thing is alpacas have been domesticated for thousands of years. One proof are the alpaca images found in Moche art in the northern part of Peru. Interestingly, there is actually no recognized existence of wild alpacas. According to experts, the wild ancestor of the alpaca is the vicu?a, which is a close living relative. The alpaca belongs in the same family of camelids to that of llamas and camels. Alpacas are popular because they are the most productive in terms of fiber bearing. The fiber from the animal is of the highest quantity. Unlike sheep, they can’t be used as pack animals because they’re too small. As a result, they are exclusively bred for their fiber and sometimes, meat. In fact the Andean inhabitants once made it a delicacy and is still consumed by many as a cheap source of meat. Smuggling As a direct result of the rapidly increasing demand of the alpaca in the North American market, the trend of alpaca smuggling has gradually hurt the industry. It is becoming a problem for breeders and the entire industry in general.

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