The basic principle of life of husband and wife when should a woman take the initiative

sex fascinating, and frustrating; exciting, and confusing blur. People are always ready to pursue the basic necessities of life such as improved quality of life, but ignored or ashamed to pursue quality sex, do not know how to explore its mystery, this is husband and wife of

life skills?

in the sexual life, many people on both sides of the "initiative" problems have wrong understanding. For a long time, people always adhere to the " male ", some of the original happy family therefore suffered a bitter taste. In fact, sex and love are two different things. in women in love behave quiet, elegant, shyness is lovable, appreciated, and sex, when appropriate bold expression, passion, initiative, can let the men to get rid of "sex" annoying, spend not period should be physiology and the psychological, become an upsurge of stirring, full of life.

sex is clearly not which party a personal matter, but two people, must with the tacit understanding, and jointly create a, well care, to mutual happiness, step one in heaven. Therefore, to make live more harmonious and perfect work, sexual arousal is not always to bear by men, women can certainly active attack, "".

When the initiative to


1, in the dark corridor

has just spent a happy Party, your home elevator stopped. 11 at night, two people need to climb to the 20 floor of a high building. Empty the dark corridor, why this time does not take the initiative to attack him?

you are the night the ghost, is also a delicate Lin. Fell on his back, to walk, to his back — back of course just a short.

acts like a spoiled brat, lovely, that no man can withstand this lianxiangxiyu sense? Remember, don’t speak loudly, so as not to stay late to affect the neighbors.

but to act more nervous, more so in his blood Hui zhang. He not capture an enemy easily?

2, he did the things that please you

he is very concerned about the mother-in-law of hypertension, are very concerned about his father-in-law’s birthday celebration, he often came back early, as a family man, give you a bowl of soup a wife. < >

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