The best time to husband and wife love you know

: not what the morning before work than before the meeting of the " " sex look attractive. love skirt, save time.

expert analysis: the work of a carefree sex can help reduce stress, refreshing, increase self-confidence, but before sex must be rested, foreplay can be appropriate to omit, should allow enough time, so as not to always worry about work.

midnight car: try a different location and scene for life extra " " seasoning;. Put on hot skirt, sat in the passenger position together with friends, enjoy.

expert analysis: there are two things men love adventure and. To put the two together, is a change in the local sex. In addition to the car, can also choose the balcony, tents and other places.

bright sky: romantic environment, let her husband lying on the ground, his wife back to lie on her husband, entering from behind. Two stared at the sky stars enjoyment.

expert analysis: bright sky, fresh air, the charming scenery will make people more appreciation of love, sexual desire is stronger, it is time to pay attention to the protection of privacy and sexual health.

naked bathing together: stimulation, eliminated a stressful day, which shows that at the moment is the sex choice.

expert analysis: with a hot bath can make people relax, while stimulating sexual desire. But take note, water temperature not too high, preferably not more than 40 DEG C, otherwise it will reduce the sensitivity of skin, increase the burden on the heart.

lazy morning: the period of time of the top ranked the best sex time.

expert analysis: in the morning is the most consistent sexual desire of male and female " " time. After a night of rest, the men and women in vivo hormone secretion is exuberant, sexual desire is strong. Especially for href= "for men,

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