The boudoir Secret girls kissing way


kiss is love men and women transfer unspeakable feelings between them, is a kind of performance in verbal but embodies the strong message body language!

long, soothing, deep, warm kiss, no matter which kind of, can give a person with heart shaking and the romantic feeling! According to the survey, love men and women without exception, eager to kiss!

for most male , not only do they remember their first kiss lover, wife of the details, they also hope a sweet kiss always accompanied in their Kissing

and of different sex, kissing some matters needing attention, and people do not know really many. When kissing don’t open eyes, a few other should pay attention to.

some women, kissing Lengleng stood, his hands stiff drooping, her boyfriend is like kissing an placed in the window of model, see, his heart is what taste?

you should hold him, of course! How should embrace the hand placement and does not expressly provided, for example, his height and you almost, you might both hands around his neck, such as his tall than you a lot, you put his hands placed on his back, hold him.

Kissing method

the most stupid, is only raise lip, and then stiff, the ground of Leng Leng stand, so that he can kiss you?

men like kissing that both body and mind be the feeling of kissing, but in the process, they also have some small "taboo"! Understand men kissing habit, close relations between the two sides is the best way!

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