the Chinese team harvested 2 ball

Women looking for 8 seats: Cameroon war Hao Wei Hao Wei was suspended into the test ban, he how to command? [women’s diary 4] shine Winnipeg injury difficult to stop rose eventually bloom loading. & lt; & gt; leaps the news sports news Beijing time on June 21, 7:30, the Chinese women’s football team will in the world cup 1 / 8 finals against African teams in Cameroon. The world’s top sixteenth ranked Chinese team in the face of fifty-third in Cameroon in the strength of the obvious advantage, if you take the opponent, the world cup will be further into the 8. But coach Hao Wei suspended, the weak offensive ability to become the two major factors influencing China team can defeat the opponent. Against both sides: the Chinese women’s football VS Cameroon women’s football match time: June 21st 7:30 game place: Canada Edmonton match broadcast: Tencent sports, CCTV-5FIFA rankings and against the record Chinese women’s world ranking for sixteenth place, while in the world cup in Africa is relatively on the list, Cameroon ranked fifty-third in the world. The Chinese women’s football team and the Cameroon team have never had a history, but in the past, the Chinese team had met with the African team. 1999 World Cup in the United States, the Chinese team in the group stage 7-0 swept Garner, the game Sun Wen staged a hat trick. In 2003, Chinese women’s football team in the group stage once again encounter with Garner, Sun Wen’s winner, Chinese team 1-0 victory. Competition focus Hao Wei ban women’s challenge: team tournament at the end of round, near the end of the game, Haowei because of interference by other players to throw the ball, the referee penalty, so 1 8 finals with Cameroon’s game, Haowei will be unable to command of the scene. But through the three group stage experience, plus of Cameroon women’s football in the group match 3 game analysis, Haowei also said that China team has already done the full deployment, even if he cannot command, I believe that the coaching staff to complete the task. Chinese team hope the offensive end outbreak: Although and New Zealand in the match, the Chinese team harvested 2 ball, but 3 group matches, the Chinese team a total of only scored 3 goals, averaging goal number only one, which is also tied to the 2003 World Cup, the Chinese women’s football in the group stage only three goals of the lowest on record. In 1991 and 1995, the Chinese women’s football team gains a 10 goals, in 1999, the group stage is crazy scored the ball 12, even in 2007 the group match, Chinese team team also recorded 5 goals. Facing the Cameroon relatively weaker African teams, the Chinese team’s offensive end must be to a change in the group stage light rain without thunder dilemma, in order to ensure that his opponents further. Need to beware of Cameroon killer: Cameroon women’s football for the first time to participate in the world cup, is in the group match beat Switzerland to the identity of the second outlet and the number one killer of team Madeleine is absolutely first work on the hill. Opener with Ecuador game, Madeleine for Cameroon’s opener, at the end of the round against Switzerland in the battle of life and death, Madeleine and scored head mallet lore. 75 goals in 40 games, is absolutely a terrorist striker. In addition, Cameroon coach Hainaut coaching experience, had led to participate in the London Olympic Games. His on-the-spot command and Cameroon)

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