The climax is high

, a young woman said, she and her husband married five years, husband and wife live in relative harmony. Because they live in a comparative closed mountain, is limited to sexual knowledge, so do not know other people’s life of husband and wife is also like they did have the desire, pleasure, meet. But, recently she is reading a sex books, just know couples and apotheosis like graceful feeling, and this feeling she had never experienced the miles.

since then, each time with her husband wife are very hope can be described fully appreciate the books in the kind of climax taste, unfortunately, despite her every effort, she hope to orgasm but has not come. Later, she even past that hate the pleasure is all gone, it is very distressed and confused. Want to know their orgasm how high? What the hell is going on?

this is a make many couples lost and there is no standard answers, to make sure you try.

"short death"

for the physiological mechanism of orgasm, the classic book is described: orgasm is a stage in the reaction process the most short, approximately lasted only a few seconds. It is the involuntary muscle spasms of desire release energy, so as to gain pleasure waves. the most attractive female officer is the clitoris head, followed by the body of the clitoris, labia minora, vaginal outer 1/3 area.

‘s famous sexologist Hite in her survey, the female orgasm feeling is described this way: "my body was suspended air, full of strength, a Pentium spewing flames engulfed all beautiful, strong, almost people unable to withstand extreme ecstasy." "I feel extremely excited — shortness of breath — I and my head grew light, like in a dream world, distant sound, like the same time stagnation."……

yes, the female orgasm begins with a called "mounting sense of" feeling, the moment she seemed suspended >

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