The couple the secret five real literacy point

why there were so few men always live not blessing of "sex", because we lack basic knowledge about sex and love. In this sense was scarce, men need to cram more than just about modern political and economic knowledge, also need to cram five little knowledge about sex and love.

1. that is greater, the greater the charm?

in the body of the man, there is a "evolved out of control" organ, the organ is a man’s sex organs. In the last million years, that the evolution of man between the legs is more and more big, this let physiologists feel puzzled, and fear of that evolve, that a man may someday to cannot get into the pussy.

These concerns

physiologist is unfounded, for a modern man, if small in size that his, he will be very anxious. If the size that his larger, he would feel very proud, so much so that he will find himself in bed no matter what to do, that the woman under him will get great satisfaction. He did not know, in fact, the piston under him woman in his monotonous movement has been bored to death, and that to go to bed with him is a kind of suffering.

regardless of the size you how things between your legs, you are very necessary to continue to study and improve your of skills, the only way you "back to bed rate" will be more and more high, your charm will be more and more. Tell you one of the most simple, the most basic skills here, the sexual skill is Japan sex expert Adam Deon summed up: " vaginal is very special, it can be freely telescopic. After the > the penis into the vagina, the vagina will soon be able to react, all-around the ground with penis size, thus changing its shape. This process is very important, only the real state of rest in the penis, vagina can smoothly to remember the shape, make full preparations for the next pumping. If a man inserted desperately tic, the vagina will only feel a hard object inside agitation, "

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