The couple uncovers secret kiss women to get an electric shock 9 parts soft


kisses the chest, was a necessary step to sex . Whether it is "sphere" or "raisins", will let the woman inexplicably shaking. Some people light Pro chest, can high tide, convenient save trouble.

when a man kisses the chest, you will touch his hair, gazed at him? Or will the eyes closed, fully indulged in the atmosphere, or the legs clip clinging to his back, non-stop friction, or will be handed the chest crush, du to his mouth, let him enjoy. Then the woman, is the mother – is also a demon.

The mother image

rich, how to embrace the man’s heart, chest nest screw with complex and depend on moving, not only warm lip awareness.


you must have had such a time, in a suddenly want to temperature of the night, did not think too much can not think too much, can not kiss, also can not hold hands, then politely in a peck on the forehead.

love forehead most of the men are conservative, but also very layout over a woman’s heart. On the forehead disturbed her restless, then be entranced the ground to attack cities and capture territories. When you are thinking that he might continue to do, when you worried about not wearing complete underwear today, he has stopped. Your emotions have pink state, how such a guy, usually women love to men, as well, such as kiss close, but smile away.


cheek usually is very exciting, because that is when the man most close to you. Through the eyes, to see the soul at the moment, small defects on the face, in the moment than soft, lingering smiling eyes, is trivial. Because of you, in the face of love, a crazy man, even if he you painted eyebrows swallowed, or want to eat you. But, after the kiss, don’t forget to fill a little makeup, who know what will meet more let you want men to do, of course, can not only give a beautiful sight to see this man.

kiss is just a moment, but beauty is every minute and second, love is that come, go!


very few men will kiss a woman’s nose (nose is clearly the most prominent part of the face, the man how to forget it), there are also many women do not love is kiss nose, considered too play. Been kissed the nose of the woman will know when the small nose is kissed the present tender state, it really is another face of

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