The desire to find the root let husband and wife sex, strive for further improvement

now urbanization seriously, life stress, between husband and wife sex life also more and more casually and boring. This time, we need to learn how to stir up each other’s desires.

the desire comes from where?

desire often exists in two ears, and not just between the legs?

we found: the first year of marriage, the husband and wife will caress in 68% sex after conversation. After five years of marriage, 50% of couples will embrace communication. Ten years later, only 30% of couples in the sex does not immediately fall asleep.

you need to know: newlyweds are always more eager to talk, because they want to acquire better understanding of each other. After sex you will be closer in the heart feeling each other, then you want to share a secret, and her husband Frank later, looking forward to the future with him.

and five years later, husband and wife two people easier for things around worry, little attention to each other. Two people to the cause of trouble, carrying a notebook walk. Also the children work, from the busy CBD office rush to the parents’ meeting site, where there are all night about be in a leisurely and carefree mood.

recommends: desire often exists in two ears, and not just between the legs. Ask some of your sweet problems once asked before and after sex, memory is the best flirt division. His answer with the previous version is not the same, but they can keep on his freshness in your heart.

don’t let the briefcase and computer caused you anxiety mixed bedroom articles.

we found: don’t think that as long as the other side of fiery passion, coupled with the hard spun, two people can enjoy sex. 60% of female in relationship to determine the initial often want sex, along with the increase of the pressure of life, after five years of marriage, also want to often sex women accounted for only 50%.

30% women reflect badly battered trifles make them extremely anxious, even in " " sex; when the mind is tomorrow’s conference speech.

you need to know: if you can’t let the brain to calm down during sex will not have the feeling of pleasure, even with physical sexual impulse. If sexual desire not to arouse in the psychology, the same burning enthusiasm.

you are laborious call desire, and your brain has been in analysis, planning, anxiety?? we have to let the brain of the pressure from the outside world and the surrounding tedious >

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