The exploration of the ancients used what is sex frequency

Two more   three   Ming Ming; tetramerous money   five   six pay New Year’s call incense;

the ancients sexual idea always contain profound idea of life, "music and festival" is their usual attitude to sexual life. As an old saying says: "two more, three Ming Ming, tetramerous money, five incense, six pay New Year’s call." Metaphorically, vividly embodies the different ages of man in terms of frequency of sexual life, grasp the law of.

this idiom means, at the age of 20, full of sap, each more (2 hours) can be a one-time life; 30 year-old about male be robust and strong, every night can live sexual life; 40 year old perplexed in recent years, the number of "money like that relate in detail", every five days after one-time life; 50 when you know the destiny, don’t try to be brave, like to burn incense and pray, every day, fifteen one-time life, namely to keep every half a month, the frequency; by the age of 60, men should take care of the body is heavy, at this time of life to be like pay New Year’s call the general, once a year is appropriate.

this idiom is aimed at persuading people moderate abstinence, avoid excessive sexual health damage, there is a certain positive significance in health. As many as 50 year olds, the functions of the body have a recession, need more time to rest, so do not always immersed in the joy; over 60 years of age, to desire the shrinking demand, coupled with the lack of energy, all kinds of chronic diseases also took the opportunity to come, should abstinence.

the ancients proverbs though rationality, but the universal is not fit all. Sometimes, sexuality and age man is not absolutely inversely proportional to. Along with the progress of the society, strengthen the improvement of the living standard and awareness of health, people’s life is greatly prolonged, now 70 years old is a very ordinary. Therefore, the number of the modern male specific sexual intercourse need to combine their own physical and health status of mentality, etc.. People can not be blind to overexert more than 20 years of age; more than 40 year old middle-aged men as long as our bodies, many real good; fifty or sixty year old male if still strong, do not blindly follow this rule, only properly control can.

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