The four posture youth aged are applicable

          the change of posture not only can enhance sexual pleasure and fresh, but also enhance mutual close health status and age on the selection of the two sides more advantageous position, in particular to protect the sick or weak side position.

        a male on, is the most commonly used position, for the woman’s weak or sick elderly women.

        two, female type for the sick men and woman’s physical health, or the woman, is not easy to achieve high tide, or male erection is not firm, > of premature ejaculation.

        three, lateral sex is suitable for both men and women should not be forced, which can be parallel to the left or right. Obesity can be used on the supine, legs crossed, reach sexual organ contact completely and saving.

        four, after entering the type, seat, stations (or both sides stand, or a party, a party standing, supine), can achieve the purpose of enhancing sexual pleasure.

        in short, " Everyone has his hobby. sex posture, it is important to each other with >

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