The inventory of N in life a great skill

After a few years of marriage

sex always just passable, usually only in the sex study three or four techniques, can be transformed, for the love of many points, intimate communication helps couples The body sensitive


every human body needs the couple to explore the sensitive zone, can the stimulation caused desire. Familiar with the ears of sensitive and breast , sensitive with differ from man to man.


contains most of the nerve endings, can be said to be the most sensitive parts of the body.


the man nipples caress the sexual excitement.


the areola and nipple are the sensitive parts. Just kiss and suck, make them strong. Some women just nipple stimulation, it will generate run.


foot erogenous zones are usually ignored, to toe massage and sucking can make the passion, you can stimulate the skin between the toes, soles of the feet and the soles of the feet, avoid itching mode.


mostly foreplay begins both kiss, because the lips and tongue is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, therefore, kiss can make passion.


people’s lips, tongue and mouth are sensitive parts, by kissing the transform, sometimes gentle, sometimes strong.

French kissing

such by law can be used to your tongue to contact with your partner’s mouth, tongue and lips are able to both add intimacy. With the tongue and lips to kiss the partner’s body, can produce excited.

A full range of


this kiss method refers to the mouth and tongue to kissing her breasts, inner thighs and other sensitive areas and other parts of the body.

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