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How To Do Wasp Nest Removal If you have decided to remove the wasp nest on your own, then the method you are going to use would depend on the part where the nest is located. In this case, see to it that you’re not allergic to stings of these creatures and set aside at least an hour to complete the task. A pesticide, a shovel, goggles, protective headgear, a large wet towel or cloth, protective clothing ideally a thick and slick surface like rubber and for aerial nest, you must have mean of projecting pesticides to the overhead nest are some of the materials that you must have in order to remove the wasp nest properly. Once you have all the said materials, the first thing that you will have to do is tying your jacket cuffs as well as pant legs over your boots and gloves to prevent the wasps from flying under your clothing and sting you. Either early in the morning or at night is the best time for removing the nest. There’s no point of attacking the nest unless all or perhaps, most of the wasps are there. They are frequently active in daytime and early in the morning and at night, they’re usually dormant.
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As you try to move closer to the nest, you have to be very quiet because even the slightest vibration or noise will alert these creatures of your presence. They are going to see you as a threat even though they may not know what you are. Assuming that you get close enough to their nest, you have to pour fuel to the entrance of the nest. Just pour the fuel all over the nest in the event that you couldn’t find it. This will work for sure but it is going to take a bit more time.
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Whenever you apply the fuel, your main objective is to always target the entrance. In this case, you must someone who may help you throughout the process of wasp removal. Let your partner throw the wet towel or cloth over the entrance so by that, the fumes are held inside and the wasps can’t fly off as soon as you have administered the fuel over the nest’s entrance. As you lit up the nest, make sure that you stay away from the line of fire. And if all has gone, the remaining fuel is going to kill the wasps inside. The process is nearly instantaneous but shouldn’t take any chances. But if you want to do this the easy way, simply call professional wasp nest removal and leave the job to their hands.

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