The man is 35 years old how to run after sex


35 year old man, has it become be inopportune or inappropriate things, ability begins in the slipping, relationship with partner has sweetly also began to go sour, then the men after the age of 35, how to operate at the sexual time?

to understand the natural changes in your own

whether men or women, physical, mental and physical — touch all system hormone them, including the most active sex organs, the brain — the changes are gradual and subtle.

"those who know the man and the woman, and the partner can make corresponding adjustment." Schumacher said, "even improve life ."


of female , some changes are < a href= "rel= "nofollow" > menopause induced by . During menopause, female hormones reduce, and cause the menopause. This situation usually occurs in early fifty age.

however, this process often begins in 40 years old to 45 years old or so, in the span of four or five years between. In the vast

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