The manager I cannot naked for him relief


purple screen, soft carpet, dim lights, soothing music, only in this atmosphere I can fully show their body, remain free to release passion.

Fang Wei is be in the best of spirits, since we contact has been a long time, this time let’s body had a strange sense, unable to hold oneself back each other. Today is our first N cooperation, will produce what kind of spark, depends on our own control.

this is a show, but I and Fang Wei must be true and not artificial, so as to screen the double infection focus eyes.

screen outside sitting on the sofa is our guest, they spend high price please show us, not just for entertainment. Our customers a single source, almost everything is done more than ten years of husband and wife. Between husband and wife get along with long, too familiar with each other, " sex have no passion; or one of cold , need to be unpopular scene to tune up the flesh; or the man don’t give medical treatment without the door, by watching a field high quality sex take old glory.

I and Fang Wei has sweat, outside the screen Guild Wars is that a pair of men and women, fling caution to the winds to bite together, side Weichong I smile, we wake up to the body in a sleeping love.

after the payment, I and Fang Wei one half. No verbal communication, soon we part company each going his own way. We are not lovers, we only temporary partners, like a porn star actors and actresses, acting when the passion of the bone, each rush thing play dispersion.


after graduation from the University, I fell in love and 5 years schoolmate at college Lin came to work in the same company. The first month probationary period salary hair down after we terrified, two of personal salary up enough please friends to dinner. As this trend continues, we will buy a set of housing must be at least 10 years after the wedding. I don’t want to get full marriage built on the ruins of the poor, so he decided to leave, to look for more opportunities in the larger space.

we meet in their struggle for two years, buy a big house to hold our love.

left Zhengzhou and came to Shanghai, I entered a salary is good company, know Fang wei.

Fang Wei is let me Heartbeat, which originates from his behavior between show man

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