The most easy to stimulate sexual desire place ranking in the home

The most easy to stimulate sexual desire place ranking in


War: bedroom

all of the national culture, "bedroom" is absolutely first prize in " love site rankings, but this is not guaranteed, the bedroom of the" sex quality "will pass the exam. Three generations of the family, mother-in-law occasionally to knock at the door, take care of her "darling son", and children of harassment, will make the couple that thing in the bedroom, as the Greek Kirk movie plot.

in fact, bedroom would be granted sex place, stress is its privacy. So you should continue to keep the bedroom this "sex concession", and even family and signed the "unequal treaties", note when you make love, breaking the bedroom "shoot to kill".

this kind of treaty will not violate the the principle of education, because education is not mislead children and family, thought you wouldn’t have sex. Closed the door, you will certainly make love, but time, methods, forms, responses and sex scenes, is the absolute right of "secret".

if a child or other family members have a bedroom of the keys, just change the lock! Even ordered "service, please do not disturb" sign will, in this way, your purpose, will be clear.

battlefield two: try to create "sex bathroom"

when people create "sex" this sentence with, his advice is perhaps the most ideal — sex place, should be in the water. Before the popular Thailand bath, a lot of those who have tried, would probably agree with this statement.

in fact, high difficulty many sex posture, the water the most easy to achieve, because the water body, usually in air than in light; if you do get in the water and on the land certainly can.

so, some belonging to the "experimental", or is sure didn’t want to because of a sudden accident, was sent to the emergency room, the best first start from the bathtub. But, don’t be too hot water, lest important position due to congestion swelling and easily hurt.

so, if you are still unable to experience the "sex" this words, really can be called qualification dull.

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