The most practical sex shallow deep import & skills

the most practical sex Import & skills:

circle operation type

can turn in sexual love, it looks Is it right? Very strange? But this is not what, sex in the "circle" is not imagined so swiftly. The "circle" is the slow speed in the tender spot checks in the process of rotation.

The specific mode of operation is

, when the Yin insert stem Yin Road, draw a circle with waist skills, rotary motion. This method is suitable for the female superior, can be used by couples in rotation operation.

shallow to deep

sex in time, because the man is excited, often like to directly own Yin stems all into the woman’s Yin duct. In fact, this approach is not very scientific, many times we sex is just to follow the "shallow to deep" the sex order.

specific skills are in sex, we first under nine shallow drainage, forward deep inserted, and then the tic in left and right side walls Yin friction under three, and then up and down rhythmically tic, such as eels in shallow water is spiral creeping forward. This action allows couples get great pleasure in life .

Press down on the top of


Xinian is two things, and not one how much effort can. So, when two people love , we cooperate with each other when it is best to have "press down on the top" rhythm.

specific manner, when the man will be inserted, lay under Party force the pelvic and genital upwards. In the prone position party force the pelvic and genital downward pressure, sent down on the formation, pressing down on top of the situation, so that the two sides very close to junction.

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