The perfect late night sex operation manual

              when a woman has to love feeling, she can first caress myself for twenty to thirty minutes, until she was about to reach the high tide, then climb to a man. Man will find this wake his way especially delicious. Because men need only a few minutes to stimulate excitable, so women can first caresses stimulate their own twenty minutes, in this way, they can reach orgasm together. But if men want to in the middle of the night with a partner for the love, the situation is different, because women can’t wake up in a few minutes to feel excited.

          the night is the best time to make the perfect sex and sprint type sex combination. In the middle of the night, a woman with a warm and wet vaginal suppress men’s legs and rub his chest with bare breasts, in such a way to wake the man is a beautiful feeling.

however, occasionally make men free occupation of women will bring his incredible feeling of liberation. This kind of free feeling is wonderful, however, this need to have some matching conditions; before attempting this technique, you must have the communication relationship between normal sex life and good.

man must first ask your partner Is it right? Wake up. Unless on vacation or she can sleep a little late, usually the woman will not be willing to wake up or. Even with the woman’s consent, when the man wake her, or not too worried. If the night man eager, he gently stroked her closer to her body, slowly, then hugged her and rubbing her body she, if her desire is lit, then never mind, but men must also make a woman feel like she said: "not tonight!" also never mind.

if a man can really understand a woman means, "not tonight!" these words will not let a man feel frustrated, while women can safely say this sentence. But if a woman does not feel relieved to say this sentence, then she will slowly lose really is "not" ability. Reduce mutual >

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