The positive energy! Dull husband and wife passion sex tips

is the focus of legal sexual life way in life of husband and wife, both men and women have the right and obligation of " sex . The survey shows Chinese on average every 3 days will be a time sex. Such a high frequency, sex will become more and more boring. Long days, how to maintain the harmonious sex, let sexual vitality?


containing oral sex

expert advice, can contain a piece of ice in the mouth kissing or oral sex. Will not be too cold? Try before insertion will be a small piece of ice into the vaginal .

carefully treat the little brother " "

> the penis is very easy to be injured, so throw themselves into bed must be careful. If you hear a scream, then you can have the privilege to witness the scene of a man’s penis pain, then to take him to the immediate treatment. If his penis rupture, but need to fixed splint.

minor SM

tied him up, is conducive to the control of those who refused to give up leadership of frankenstein. But remember, if you are tied to that, you can be in he asked you to do some nasty things fashion a passive and helpless, perhaps can survive.

light pull around of testicular skins

this is not what the rugby type position, but an extension of love skills, is to pull the light around the testicles skin. Often this will make one <

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