The progressive advances keep women sexual pleasure

for sex life, many people are direct storm footwall, women not only enjoy the sex brings pleasure, but because of the pain and feel disgusted. So we must prepare to meet in the part of foreplay, sex brings pleasure. Different physiological structure of in women’s physiology structure and male , resulted in the women on this aspect and feel the need to gradually warming, hand movements in sexual life is particularly important.

from top to bottom out

speaking of sex, a lot of people will feel physically meet, in fact, the more important is the spiritual satisfaction, of the breast intentions to caress, can let a female really feel oneself is a woman, in the spirit of it being captured by you. Then she would you play feminine tenderness.

The physiological structure of

for female female breasts, not two Tuo gets fat, especially the chest on the nipple, very sensitive, but caress nipples, it is possible to let women have try to stop but cannot feel. This is half way up the main attack direction. If you feel that your fingers are not flexible, delicate, can consider to use Durex vibrator.

from the gentle to touch

Gang Meng

touch is carefully rub, not directly capture them can be done. Now the nipple gently held between the fingers, with the palm of the hand wrapped around the chest. At the beginning of the rub, to be gentle touch, you need to give a woman a heating process.

continued to caress gently, when women revel in it, do not become aware from sweet sigh, your hands, will began to get a sense of the strength and rhythm. Hands slightly upward pull, then start gently, repeated continue this action.

from low frequency to high frequency range

monotone will make people tired, so to prevent chemical stimulation patterns on each other. In the caress of the time, your sense of rhythm to variety, have administrative levels feeling, so give her irritation, there will be new ascension,


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