The real secret of jade the ancient Kama Sutra

code in ancient China, sex art, some people think that the ancient China is better than the ancient west.

paid much attention to these actions and measures for the China ancient fangzhongshu, thinks sexual intercourse before must first have a soothing gentle caress each other and ordered play stage, so that the mood of harmonious, sexual impulse. Such as Jane "medicine China Changsha Mawangdui Han Yin and Yang" in the thought of the former play in order to achieve the "four male syndrome" (that is, men’s presents the preparation, erect penis filled, strong, long and fever symptoms; four women) to achieve the "five to" (namely kiss, hug, touch sensitive area, sucking tongue lips and close to the slow wave, can make the woman have face neck blush fever, " > breast augmentation, nasal tiny sweat, saliva lubrication, vulva fluid, throat pharynx saliva and other five kinds of sexual desire moving signs). If the two sides respectively reached the "four", "five for", was officially when sexual intercourse can ease of Qi and blood, sexual satisfaction.

sex couples may be the beginning of two different ways: one is on the sudden; another is the first caress, excitement when both sides are to start; obviously, the former is not consistent with the health, also easy to cause the contradiction and pain; the latter can be adapted to couple of on life of psychological and physiological requirements, so that both sides enjoy high quality of sexual pleasure, but often not easy for men and women especially used young couples, such as can adapt to both parties benefit without study. Mainly of the former play hug, kiss, touch, love flirting content etc..

in another of the ancient Dian China of "jade" in real point, also think this kind of play action should be calm and calm, the first touch of cubital fossa, axillary on side, shoulder, to the neck, eye week, caresses the cheeks, and then under the supraclavicular fossa, kneaded breast, abdominal, umbilical, Nishida (below hilum three inches), mons pubis, inner thighs, vulva, clitoris (or penis) etc. so as to Shen love, kiss, embrace each other, body fluid sucking mouth, arouse in the other person’s sexual excitement, then formal sexual intercourse.

book and points out, this kind of sexual intercourse before the "theatre", which does not violate the It’s only human, and can prolong life, also >

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