The storm didn’t slugger 5 large bed technology for women high

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is like in the regular course of official duties have sex like men have the responsibility to initiate, attention to this matter, after all, the perfect is the sexual life of mutual please, common reach run. Today, with the view of a few strokes can let the woman high up on the bed tips:

1, foreplay time multiplied by 3

the woman sex theme.

2, oral sex

woman and man are the same desire to be oral sex, on female oral sex can focus on the stimulation of the clitoris. Men with the tip of the tongue touching the labia, according to the reflection of each other in order to determine the customers the most sensitive area, the need to pay attention to is, oral sex, the male should ensure that the tip of the tongue moist state, when should not dry mouth, because the tip of the tongue moist feeling can >

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