The three men sex mad skills

        most men mad three female friends may wish to learn about, let you he more ecstasy at ease.

      1: licking GUI head

      first you hand gently touch his y stem, his y stem will begin at one point one to firm up. And then you put his wrapping valgus, it will reveal the GUI head man. GUI head and stem junction in the middle, is one of the most soft place man. You can first top slowly clenched GUI head, the rotary motion, just like you want to open the Coca-Cola cover (not to pull the tank). Then you then tongue gently touch a row here, it may make your partner to run. You may wish to spend more time to touch the GUI head and its surroundings.

        2: touch y stem

      men like their y stem is women’s worship, play music, teasing, touch and massage, let him know that you are not scared, shy or disgust. Of course, at the beginning don’t pull, may wish to feel its full. Then you can use your fingers from the has been touched testis GUI head, then slowly across the back from the other side of the testis, action to be fast and consistent, don’t stop. Slowly you begin to accelerate, but also not hard pull or tap, may wish to tease out the sensitive parts of Y stem. Some soft places including GUI head, the expanded part and Y stem bottom.

      3: sucking testicular

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