The tongue of the climax, the ventriloquist all-round skills

          one about love , will not only genital contact, but there are a lot of foreplay like. Below small make up to introduce the most excellent, the most comprehensive oral skills.

          a kiss on the cheek and neck

          sex are generally from the start kissing, then oral sex and don’t forget to make a foreplay. In addition to kiss, don’t forget the cheeks and neck, cheek, tongue proper kiss, neck and other parts, can improve the degree of excitement. So it should be from the region began to lick.

          upper body


          although oral key in the lower part of the body, but don’t ignore the upper body sex ah. Both men and women, kissing him / her upper body, including the chest, armpits, two costal region, can quickly bring sexual desire, produce excited reaction. And don’t forget the upper part of the body there is a very sensitive parts of — breast .

          if it is to deal with a woman’s nipples, only need to kissing and sucking the nipple, will make strong. Some women just nipple stimulation, can produce run. You can first use the fingertip touch, a gentle squeeze, then sucking. Also quite sensitive man nipples, the woman also try to lick and suck, give him pleasure.

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