The two sides how to gain the maximum pleasure

men most desire woman caress you what parts of


a: all the sensitive zone! My , back, chest, testis nipple, ear, inner thighs, anus…… She is like "refers to the"


b: my girlfriend are more reserved. It would take the lead. For my caress, although she loves, but has been unable to open their hearts to enjoy. This is a barrier between us…

c: foreplay is very important a process for me, that is to explore a each other’s body, every time there will be a new discovery, and the needs of each person is different. Mood is also affected.

men are reaction women don’t like?

a: love do half yawning, scratching, my girlfriend once and I was also doing while talking on the phone!

b: man is full, I pay more attention to the interactivity, if feel her in me, I will go into the bathroom and solve their own! I can not stand the woman did not move lying there, also speaking skills to be lazy, or simply do not do. But gas to gas, I won’t say it out of discontent……

c: a one-time experience the most funny, is halfway suddenly she want me to wear a condom, it is too ridiculous! I don’t like women too active, too rude, and I mentioned the pretend

the climax!

both sides to get the most pleasure


CATHERIME said: "he went to bed, they want to start, and I need a long prelude to enter the excited state. In order to both good, I will first masturbation a, to him to come I have lust exuberant, can always gave him."


this is the twenty-eight year old Xiaoya the wise remark of an experienced person: "kissing is actually mouth to flirt. But must pay attention to skills, kissing. First of all, with the tongue lick his tongue back and forth, he started to react with his tongue to tongue licks mutual roll, and then timely will be drawn to lick the tongue, also on the body of each location sensitive parts. Or kiss mouth down kiss his little brother is also very provocative action." As for French kissing, lesser and unique >

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