The urinary continence training you can also control the ejaculation time

        sex, with male excitement increased, but still don’t see women breathing improved, will need another piston movement. However, in unexpected situations, shoot out. China health.

        why not one more step forward "male patient"? There are many young man premature ejaculation problems.

          man wants with the female response, the best time to adjust the ejaculation; however, believe that a lot of people think, ejaculation cannot rely on the control of self – determination! In fact, it is a wrong idea. Ejaculatory control long after the training, anyone can do it.

            ejaculation method is very simple. Morning toilet to urinate, urine out to stand, stand after the discharge, repeated several times. The penis erection of the finished the morning exercise pressure after start this "no urine" training in penile atrophy after.

as long as every day to do this exercise, you can control the ejaculation. Control ejaculation, including muscle, and anal sphincter, continence sphincter, all by the same neural connections with. The trained from childhood urinary and anal sphincter, so can control freely; however the ejaculation sphincter, wait until age began to use, nature is not flexible control; but in the ongoing training, can be like interrupt urine as, in any way they want to interrupt. Some people can tic control ears, the same reason.

interrupt urination is not pleasant, but the ejaculation of interruption is a unpleasant things. Even if the penis has accumulated fairly rich of experience, but can be controlled flexibly in ejaculation person, after all, is one of the few. Therefore, once wanted to stop completely, it seems too narrowly some. The initial stage, it is best to stand do not ejaculate, stop for a moment and immediately ejected, a little forward gradually, should be gradually used to it. Micturition when the situation is the same, don’t start too narrowly, interrupted one or two times to urinate habit suffered repeated a bit of uninterrupted training. In addition, middle-aged, due to hormonal relationships, the number of natural decrease at night.

anyway, as long as can control the ejaculation to some extent, can be ejected at the climax of women, or in any ejaculation. As long as the exercise, anyone can do it, but remember that then can enjoy life skills.

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