The woman has 10 strokes for a man to burn even hotter

1 that he wants is what kind of woman:

man’s psychology is very difficult to understand, there is a man like a canary type woman, won’t have any objection to his command, waiting for his graced with warm harbor posture at any time, to his the doings of systemic heart trust, is the type sold will help him count the money, man outside the infighting tired, do need to have such a person to comfort him.

but for a long time, if the man is not a pool of, he will be tired, and then ran off to find the other stimulus, of course, in general, he also won’t just throw this woman, as long as he hurt outside, as he would return to the woman’s side. Don’t blame the selfish man "the colorful flags fluttering outside, home means not down".

since ancient times, how many men to indulge in elaborating on the. But this woman can not say she was a complete failure, after all, when a man need thoughtful, he was returned to her arms, a tenderness of the practice, a bell Quxianjiuguo sad…… There is a woman and the opposite, the woman at the moment is more like a man working partners, men recognized in the ability to work, let him start from the attention and appreciation of your work, step by step eroded occupied his heart.

remember, to man loves a woman is very difficult, because the real love often for no reason, but to hold a man is not very laborious, and when he saw you for his helpful, men in general will not easily give up you, because of the same sex, it is difficult to fully trust him without reservation, but the one he thought he had to hell-bent pillow, he felt he could trust.

Note: the

image of


man no matter how to say do not care about a woman’s appearance, it was all a lie, Confucius once said; "shisexingye", facing a dragging slippers, with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, have a drowsy look woman, you expect a man will love you from the bottom of my heart? Unless you really are a sort of national beauty and heavenly fragrance — peony, in this state is still coquetry myriad, pretty sultry, otherwise must be cautious.

wants to maintain a good image, in addition to eat foods high in sugar, multi gym, on the 25 year old often run beauty Institute, ferial up should also be 15 minutes early than him, let he opened his eyes the first sight is refreshed by you. Man is the only animal vision, his needs in the visual satisfaction, to take the first step to conquer.

3 to provoke his conquest of desire:

men sometimes really stupid, the easy things often do not cherish, more difficult challenges, more can stimulate his desire to conquer, it is easy to cause behind Yama Mihito > a group of flies

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