The woman period within which most loves sex position

due to the relationship between the physiological period, " women’s will change the original favorite sexual behavior, if can fit the needs of women, women will make very happily.

sex physiological period before

in physiological period before the start, is not easy to is pregnant, women most want to have sex period. And the best in the room, so that physiological period arrives instantly processing. Take off clothes and underwear in each other before, to fully caress sex organs, to make it moist. Might as well across the clothes, shorts of phallic caressing is better, but to avoid a finger into the in the vagina and clitoris as the center, to caress.

Avoid fierce posture and movement of

into the to avoid harming the penis, vagina. So the female master riding postures or normal postures, slowly with movement.

sex physiology period after

physiological period after liberation, can accept male is fierce caress. So we can boldly women’s feet open; or open the lighting facilities, the observation of touch each other, each other’s passion burning.

in the position, behind the asana female master; and you can clearly see the seat position method combination; or buckling position method is very suitable for.  

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