The young married woman oral sex may December 3 Tips


usually we will be concerned not the young man sex , is the elderly between sexual technique. Little attention is like between us this the old wife love skills.

age men and women after marriage sexual relative harmony, but now this time life pressure, the choice of a marriage of various other factors also have to consider a lot of the time, more and more girls choose the bigger than oneself more men as a husband.

the first one: use your mouth

make love, mouth and tongue Kung Kung Fu is very important. Like having sex as a into a, mouth and sucking force effect is very good; but at the same time, if we can make good use of your breath, to stimulate the glans penis coronary ditch behind, the effect will be better.

can use teeth, I think it is Different people, different views., my feeling is less, so this is really exciting, strength to hold bad would be more pain. Hurt husband is easy to run counter to one’s desire, but let you not happy. The key to > oral sex, I think more and more is to let the husband mental satisfaction, to satisfy his conquest, this is the most important.

woman when the husband to oral sex, not just with the mouth and hold the stick is good, we must at the same time, caressing his balls. When not having sex can also touch and lightly knead, it is said that is a good way for man to health ; and do oral sex when help caress him, can let his satisfaction greatly improved.

second strokes: sexy underwear


is her boyfriend and husband age, I may never thought this way. But and husband together, he proposed to me to wear sexy underwear, at first I feel shy shy to wear, he later bought a set of lace bra and panties translucent, after the try find husband very excited very satisfied. Along with the development, first started wearing open file underwear, and then began to wear short skirts and stockings, with high heels. Although more and more complex, each time to prepare more trouble. But given the number of times the husband is relatively less, improve every quality is quite necessary. The specific measures and so on, but the overall idea is to pay attention to the preparatory work, this is unexpected for stimulation and the effect of husband.


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