they all depend on him to do it

Legend suggests woods away from golf a year adjustment stage a comeback – Sohu Sports & nbsp; Beijing time on June 14, the former US Open champion Tony Jacklin that former world number one Tiger Woods need time to adjust the state, and all this need in private is likely to make his comeback. Because of his swing made too many adjustments, Woods at the Memorial Tournament on waterloo. Now 115th session of the U. S. open soon in chambers Bay started, the 1969 U.S. Open champion Tony Jacklin in an interview said, "Tiger now state very uncomfortable, he needs a year of time to adjust." When it comes to the world’s first present situation, Jacklin is very sorry, but also to Woods’s situation is deeply sympathetic and understanding. "He has recently experienced a number of injuries, his loss of confidence, as all the players have been an example, so the situation is even worse for him. And he has to play for the team, 8000000 to 10000000 of the proceeds of the week. Before that, they all depend on him to do it, and now he is facing unprecedented pressure. At the same time, he is still in the spotlight of the media, every move can be amplified, which makes his situation more difficult." "I think he needs to disappear for a year, to adjust their own, then stage a comeback. If it is not used, then I’m really curious about his future." It seems that Jacklin thought Woods to the "critical moment of vital importance". (peach)

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