Three color videotape female classical sex skills

sex absolutely not monotonous, as "the modern young people color videotape female", if not for a " sex life is colorful, is a bit sorry for yourself and your lover. Here, we recommend to the classic sexual techniques: "three".

to change the speed of

under normal conditions of life, men are slow to fast to the end of the company. In fact, from low to high, straight up thrusting speed is not scientific. For men, to maintain the same speed, or has been accelerated life, so that sex is generally "short-lived".

man should learn to "speed", high and low let sex have peaks also has a trough. And the man that speed, from the body to the excitement will decline, thus ensuring the sexual life time is not too short.

transform and position in

to do a thing you will feel boring, a posture for a long time will also have the same feeling. Especially for women, some small figure man often transform will bring them a lot of beat all pleasure.

at the moment, the man should try to change the "passive" state, let the woman took the overall situation of women’s sex, The

transition depth

maybe you often hear "nine shallow depth" of the word, yes, nine shallow depth refers to the depth degree during sex transformation of the insertion of the penis.

the "shallow" in many of the skills of the description on the bias of the women of this method are introduced in the feeling, actually man "shallow" after not feeling.

The stimulation process

man’s feeling is from vaginal decreased, more straightforward to say "did not feel". Although a time lost, <

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