Three let lovers frequent orgasm skills

            href= "in of in life, we are often the most used or their own familiar with those sex skills. But you know what? Know sex skills with long after is likely to let

so, today we’re starting from their own, with the new method of love , I hope our new sexual techniques will help


            1, dashed

the woman is the most loving way although the mouth says is like the gentle, but really reached a climax, women want sex style rice or dashed the. For a woman, even if they have had an orgasm, the repeated impact man is also very comfortable, because the climax of Yu Bo and you continue to impact a combination of feeling is super shuang.

a stage to stage a sprint sprint, a period of time will stop, let his semen on the last impact of several spewing out.

2, deliberately hesitate

general, sex not are fastidious about time and efficiency? Why there appeared a deliberately hesitate sex law? Don’t panic, in this case, for different groups of people, we will have different types of sex.

in the sex process, has ensured that I can insist on long time not man ejaculation can use this style. Always show want to orgasm but not climax appearance, you will a woman because your emotions to what stage, perhaps cannot help advance climax.

3, done in one vigorous effort

although we do not hope oneself quickly during sex is "lost" the battle. But let’s not >

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