Three pumping techniques to make her orgasm reproduce

love a woman’s husband, come and learn the following three big help tide skills!

variable frequency pumping inserted

in love process, we often used a drawing and inserting velocity. Even if occasionally change speed, the same is did not change, no purpose.

actually, have the purpose of the variable frequency pumping inserted will let the woman touched your intentions. Just as is slow, then all of a sudden conversion speed, women must be attracted by the frequency of the tease you.

quick insert

may be for women, fast pump plug man is always a pain " " and a happy event, but the man felt that doing so will make their own woman pain.

however, fast thrusting beneath the sex will make her forget all the troubles, this fast paced Choucha, woman you speed drives, how can this focus on sex not to let her " climax again and again?

finger into the


many times men use Yin light stems had make a woman orgasm, but some of the time, we still need to line the use of fingers.

to health, we will hand into the Yin before must wear a contraceptive sets, this also is to let women don’t worry about a psychological privates infection on security. So, we bend the finger, to the top of the hook woman G-spot, after a period of time you’ll find out, woman had spread unceasingly.

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