Tiago and other player and the Chinese small players completed a training lesson. From the beginning of the 90’s

Bayern players to guide the Chinese teenager Kimic to the players to do the demonstration (Figure) – the new network JINGWAH times (reporter Zhou Lei) last night, the European giants Munich Bayern came to Guangzhou, a small player in the country to guide. With the development of campus football, the European giants have begun to pay attention to the activities of youth training. Bayern will be a match with a rival tonight. Arrived in Guangzhou yesterday afternoon after a short respite, Bayern non-stop on the Caichang training, then hurry to participate in activities of the youth camp, Alabama, Tiago and other player and the Chinese small players completed a training lesson. From the beginning of the 90’s, the European giants are keen to play warm-up match in China, in addition to get a high fee, but also to expand their influence in china. This year, the Ministry of education to develop the campus football, European giants for the domestic youth training is also increasing attention. Last year the Crystal Palace on the smell of the business opportunities, the championship, the team came to China youth training camp opened, then Chelsea and other clubs have also follow the example, Barcelona’s La Masia youth just last week in Beijing, in Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities of 600 young people between the ages of 8 and 14 training. Bayern nature also unwillings to lag behind, to Guangzhou on the input to the FAW Volkswagen youth football training camp, they interact with the young players is very positive, presided over the scene also said with a smile, "what a breakthrough the worth 40 million players. For the players is a wonderful memory. Organizers said that hope that the youth training camp can play to explore the football elite, to explore the role of football soil. In the view of national security coach Manzano, European teams have good youth system, China Youth Development Foundation is relatively weak, "key is not to let the children learn tactics, but to cultivate interest in football, a gifted children will naturally emerge."

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