Tips 10; expand your sex life

the first one: Mining overlooked sex chance

your time is often work, entertainment, children accounted for very enough. But experts pointed out: the lack of bed couples together without interference of the non sleep time, may be part of the problem, mainly is the couple did not fully appropriate use of time.

step one: if there are ten minutes available, came a quick sex. It may sound too hasty, however, rapid love is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, many couples appreciate rapidly sex the stimulus, but also can manufacture only belongs to two secret feeling, especially in the relatives and friends to come to carry on with the dinner before the.

second strokes: improved touch skill

after several year marriage, often touch the lover, often more than sex can get down consolidated the bilateral sentiment. Experts said: "in addition to having sex, many couples rarely touching each other qingshenkuankuan, they may feel uncomfortable." Improved touch skill is to eliminate all obstacles to good sex effect.

the third measure: learn to say what you intend to

many men would behave like ascetics like in bed and tried to true power to cover every inch of your skin, to please you. If you want him to stay in one place, they should give some instructions to him.
fourth strokes: expand sex space

if the bed is the only place you two have sex, it may miss other places made love in the home the resultant highly erotic pleasure.


step -: starts by the kitchen, can consider to use all the delicious food in the cabinet and refrigerator, this may lead you to the front not to the boundary.

fifth strokes: do not let go of fleeting time

has many people to be excited in the home, but in going to the bedroom on the way, there would be a lot of things distracting, quickly lifting the disinclination. Experts point out that if you want to enjoy more and better sex fun, was to provoke lust will have to act immediately.

step C: when you feel excited, <

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