Tips for making your woman ejaculation refers to work

placed a towel on the bed, liquid more to produce ‘s amazing ejaculation. Compared with the male is like a water cannon and a water pistol.

prepare some lubricant, while women can achieve super excited and high tide, still need to prepare some of the.

prepared with sufficient time, the first successful ejaculation may need 10 to more than an hour.

this a few days ago the many activities of the activities your hands, fingers and arms. If your physiology is not the best, who must action may soon make you tired.

before the first start, communicate with each other, let her know you are working hard to let her finish an ejaculation. Female ejaculation is very normal, and two aspects are very wonderful experience. That’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed. When she told her before ejaculation feeling will be like pee like. For many women, this is a little more difficult to accept, a lot of people will have the idea of beat a retreat. Let her believe in "

initially liquid through the urethra feeling has just begun and urine when the feeling is very similar, so there is a very important. Because people will automatically generates a stop condition reflex urination not peeing in the environment, this is many years of habit formation, so be sure to tell her to relax, indulge liquid flowing. If the reflected stop urine once started, then ejaculation also died. In other words, when she feels the need to urinate, she should go for a pee. That is simply not urinate, but only an ejaculation. In just a few seconds later, she is clearly aware that this is indeed a kind of different feeling. Only women can experience the feeling of ejaculation, and after the start, she also can be fired, and bring remarkable effect. Best female partner sitting between her legs, to >

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