to buy her a new concept. But there was a fan of the message

Women’s Volleyball National champion Yang Fangxu for operation of enthusiastic fans send gift (Figure) Yang Fangxu before entering the operating room playing greeting of sina sports dispatch in the Grand Prix? Yangfang Xu Yu stands against Dominica unfortunate injury, today (August 5) surgery. Everyone and we have been waiting for this day is not, because we are waiting for the successful recovery of the Yang Fangxu surgery to return to the field of that day! August 4th afternoon, Yang Fangxu to the "I love women’s volleyball [microblogging]" sent a video, she has been looking for a chance to thank everyone, because from the beginning of injury, everyone to her love and attention, let her very moved. August 5th morning, Ma Yinjie and silently on behalf of all my love women’s volleyball team rushed to the hospital to send Yang Fangxu into the operation room, told her to come on, and then will be in the hospital has been waiting for her success of the news, when she woke up for everyone to send a greeting. Of course our greetings and real things, in addition to the previous fans through our transferred to gift baskets, we will from the fans play to the public, the bounty took out two thousand yuan, together with "I love women’s volleyball team" team eight teachers each of 200 yuan in mind sent to the basket, we express of baskets of love. Last week to the training hall to see the women’s volleyball team, entered the museum when happened to catch up with the training players take a five minute break, see sitting on the side of the doorway of the Zhu Ting [microblogging] sweat dripping, looked at the captain and Ma Yinjie chatting training experience, my eyes are floating around accidental like on a breeze. Yes, I want to find the girl Yang Fangxu on crutches, unfortunately, she did not come. Maybe it is not convenient to move, perhaps the weather is hot and she needs to rest, I can understand, but the heart is still some lost. Last Sunday, I went to the apartment of a trip to the players, to pick up the team of Beilun left to us before the signature photos, into the entrance hall see take express the background board says huireqi and Zeng Chunlei [microblogging] name, take good photos, steps will be sticky on the floor the, mind only one idea. Want to go upstairs and take a look at the basket, don’t know small partners left Beilun, her living who will take care of, how to ensure her food, she is not in to fight the landlord not peas and distress. But I still did not go, in my mind, or to the basket of the time, perhaps she was sleeping. Last time I saw a basket, she said she was learning English, I would like to follow her mind, to buy her a new concept. But there was a fan of the message, so I changed my mind. A call girl "catcher in a green onions" message to me, said she has a new concept of books and notes, to send baskets, but worried that will be disgusted with. I think, this is the best gift to the fans to convey the mind, and then behind the old book have a hot heart. So, before you hit me and baskets of money to buy another other, but the new concept of opportunities to contribute to green. Until today, I got the gift that I’ve been waiting for. The new concept of books and notes are new printed, at the edge of the pages of handwriting and the star stickers, suddenly see the handwriting hardback page, lush with small stars spell out the word "basket", below and send a cartoon doll, I guess, is the moral, baskets, don’t worry, we will a)

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