To stimulate the pleasure chair sex skills

      "chair" sort of how

      man is sitting in a chair, the woman sitting like in the thigh is sitting in a chair like that.

      her back should be against the man’s chest. All tasks are now given to the woman, but it is not difficult to do the required. As long as the hand’s help, her legs can tight or slow motion.

      if you can’t find a chair, you should be in bed to create a corresponding environment for their. Men’s knees and hips sit on my ankles. Woman sitting in power in his arms. Can’t do a lot of action of this kind of sex in . When both sides have been seated, man can caress her breast , or massaged her back. If a bit of background music, just holding is also very good. At this time two people should be attuned to the action, and even can be together to one side, because it can also be comfortable lying down. Pull plug is not at this time the most important competitive slow, gentle movement is more effective. And

      if you want to continue to early adopters, you may take this action a bit, let the woman lying in bed, legs apart, man by riding on her lap. If you want to easily insert, suggested in the women’s abdominal underlying a pillow. Many men found in this position to grasp rhythm is more difficult, because the penis is easy to slide out of and must be re aligned into the vagina. A little patience, shallow shallow into at first, until you got to control the rhythm.

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