Try to make sex more exciting.

is a better way to oral sex

if there are conditions, two oral sex can be carried out in the stairs with a pillow pad: the woman sitting on the stairs, sitting in the middle of her male companion two thigh under a layer of the stairs, which not only makes the man’s neck and head better activities, will also make the woman have a better perspective and more convenient to get from the partner sex organs on the lip stimulation.

more intimacy

"want to make you a person be hardly worthy of belief of" high tide, you need more sexual partners with; you need to have a sense of trust and be shut," Dr. Barbara Keesling said of clinical medicine. In order to establish such a wonderful feeling, you can: naked backs against the wall to sit down, let the sexual partners of your head on your lap, gentle to put your arms around him. Each other feeling each other warm, breathing and heartbeat. Then transform each other’s position, repeat the above action.

more wonderful kiss

"the lips are very sensitive; in fact only the clitoris than lips are more nervous and more sensitivity," Dr. Daniel S. Stein said the medical. He also suggested that often according to the five kiss skills, to change your performance.

1). Two lips touching: you with sexual partners in the lip slide against each other, just like you to capture from the spoon dropped pudding.

2). Tonguing: under the tongue tissue is very sensitive, like lips following uplift.

3). Loving nibble

4). Suck: sucking each other’s tongue, stimulate the following salivary gland, but other have a sweet saliva.

5). Blowing method: inhalation and suck out the other moist lips especially aroused.

more morning sex

when you do not want to see, smell drunk night sex partner, Rachel Swift suggests you morning lying in your partner’s right, lift your right leg, his right leg on your right leg and left leg, to ensure that his right thigh between your legs. Put >

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