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Juve Jixun 10 star 4 million lock Ozil to throw two core Juventus official website data) dig Mesut Ozil Ozil with brilliant performance of the gunmen into the double lap times loading. & lt; & gt; sports Tencent hearing on July 11 after Pirlo departure, Juventus (Guan Fangwei Bo) lack of an organizational core, after the club will be targeted at the Real Madrid (data) ISCO and Chelsea (data) Oscar. But according to Italy media, Turin sports news, Juve are now going to offer 40000000 euros to buy Arsenal (data) midfielder Mesut Ozil, but only if the premise is to sell Pogba or Vidal one person cash. Is running for Barcelona (website data) President Joan Laporta has just announced that, if he took Paul Pogba will join Barcelona, then Juventus have funds will be Ozil income array. Juventus last season to won the Serie A (micro blog topics in the Champions League and also reached the Champions League (microblogging) final, but Pirlo, Carlos Tevez two big hero departure, Pogba and Vidal pursuit is numerous, the club despite signing Keech, Sami Khedira and Dibala, but to want to consolidate the dominance of the Serie A and continue to impact the Champions League must continue to strengthen the signings, at least to compensate for Pirlo following the departure of the vacancy. Juventus boss Agnelli has made it clear that the introduction of a central midfielder, and is to star level: "for the number 10 shirt, only to dream, the player must have certain characteristics." Tuttosport Juventus target Ozil. He was Mourinho praised is the best in the world on the 10th, even par Zinedine Zidane. Mesut Ozil in 2013 with a record of 50000000 euros in the history of the euro to join A Senna, the current contract is still left three years. Though Ozil to Premier League (micro blog) after the performance is not stable, but Juventus still intends to offer 40 million euros to buy, the club decided to let Mesut Ozil of the German national team teammate Sami Khedira acting as a lobbyist. Juventus coach Allegri on Ozil is very optimistic about that Germans are very consistent with their technical and tactical arrangements in the trequartista role. Perhaps the Ozil, joining Juventus is a good choice, after all, he at Arsenal has often been Wenger arrangements play on the flanks, many people that this is overkill. Of course, for Juventus, directly out of such a sum of money is not easy, the club may sell Pogba and Vidal a to raise Ozil acquisition funds. The two of them is not a lack of chase, it is worth mentioning is, arsenal of Dahl has been interested in full, with Chile Sanchez (microblogging) also lobbied in Vidal to switch to the Premier League. (a smile)

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