Two kinds of sex It is quite common for the game



    性爱抚是有意的、试图引发性唤起的肉体接触;它至少可以有三类:一是唇吻;二是口行为,包括舌吻、口刺激乳房、口刺激 The sex organs; three is a hand behavior, including hug, caress the body, stimulate breast, hand hand stimulation of sexual organs of.

      second is can lead to also can not lead to sexual activity. This type of game is very much, because of the country and the nation is different and each laid particular stress on such as Africans. Comparison of dance like flirting, Europeans love opening joke, said, tearing, water play sweet nothings to nibble, Asians enjoy slapstick play, in love and so on.

      the most common sex games: baby game. The couple could pretend to children, very curious " " to view each other’s body and sexual organ; also can be like a baby like to oneself, stimulate each other’s Motherly or fatherly, husband can be like a son like lying " in his wife’s arms; capricious, mischief and wild ", strumming and sucking wife tits. For no child’s wife, husband’s sucking made her put on the future child >

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