Two pregnant not easily sexual positions

              watch the romantic love of film and television works in the couple, often have a strong nature of

what position is not easy to conceive? Standing is generally considered the most fertile coital position. Since the in female genital prolapse, > the vagina mouth open, after intercourse drew most of semen with the penis and outflow in vitro, pregnancy rate is extremely low. Then the seat can reduce the chance of conception.

if both men and women can cooperate with each other, to insist on more than sexual intercourse posture can be sexual satisfaction, but also can reduce the chance of pregnancy, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow.

so, sexual intercourse posture the myriads of changes, but deviate from them, this is to insert the vagina as the principle to the penis. Standing and sitting with the traditional sexual intercourse is slightly different, they are out of bed concept.

positioning and seat of sexual intercourse can occur at any site, because they do not need the comfortable bedding and bedroom. However, also because of standing or sitting type sexual intercourse without the mattress for, different from the ordinary, more with a sense of wonder and irritating.

people standing there will be extremely excited and alertness, standing in the husband and wife visual enjoy each other attractive carcass of nature, will have a strong desire and sexual intercourse, standing to give both sides great vision space and scope of activities, can improve the satisfaction level.

either standing or sitting type of sexual intercourse, the novelty of the environment is often find everything fresh and new, breaking the daily life of the boring atmosphere. Stand >

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