Two times a week sex life, make you 7 years younger

            people thought life frequently can affect the body health , cause the loss of two Yin and Yang, but modern medicine is to this new view. Experts at the United States research association found in the years of follow-up survey, not only does not harm to of human body, there are many benefits.

            first, good sex life can reduce the incidence of prostate cancer rate. Research shows that, ejaculation 21 times, can significantly reduce the incidence of the rate of prostate cancer. 3 times a week on the average ejaculation, prostate cancer incidence will be reduced by 15%.

second, sex can become resistant to colds. Research shows that, sex can strengthen the human immune ability. One or two times a week sex life can make the body self, improve the anti-virus ability 30%.

Third, regular sex life can make people live longer. British scientists have investigated tracking 10 years of 1000 men, found that there are two or more times a week sex life of men, whose death >

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