Use perfume makes sex flirting gradually warming

is the smell of the original, is a property unique animal world, man is an animal, so can smell the fragrance of the opposite sex "". Because of this, the sense of smell can also become part of the life , magic flirt perfume is about this.

flirt perfume secret

olfactory help sex is actually between heterosexual smell them out on the dissemination of smell, the smell may send out by the hormone. This is the between gender specific odor, however, by virtue of this smell can only distinguish the person is male or female, does not mean you will love, but love the smell was a unique body odor with person.

most people ignore this experience, or the experience is not obvious, can let a person smell. Now, I want to rely on smell to help sex is very difficult. The emergence of flirt perfume to solve this problem.

helps function , because of its composition is in accordance with the characteristics of human sense of smell made. Call it gas for aphrodisiacs. Flirt perfume function as the animal world, when male or female in some way to send out its own smell, indicate the other wants to mate, smell the smell, the other will be attracted, then start mating behavior.

and flirt perfume not only so, too and help effect. Fragrance on human olfactory stimuli based on their own, smell a love, even obsessed with the taste, can not stop to smell. The perfume contains an aphrodisiac, smell more, more exuberant lust.

sex even more enthusiastic. One ad says is the man sprayed some perfume brands, became a Mack daddy, even let the woman take the initiative themselves. Although the ads exaggerated, but enough to prove that the flavor is indeed life indispensable.

note flirt perfume


is the smell of perfume, but not all people have the same sense of smell like. So also flirt perfume, if the smell is not love each other, or often spray, spray too much, make the other side produce olfactory fatigue, there can be no help effect.

also in the meal, do not spray, otherwise not only affect the appetite, but also can attract each other. If allergic to perfume, can not even use. So, whether a man or a woman, when choosing a flirt perfume, understand each other’s preferences and taboos, attention to position and amount of spraying, so as to achieve the most >

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