Use tongue attack, give her vestibular super pleasure

y vestibular:

called y canal vestibule, is from y to y of the crossing part of pedicel; specifically, from urethral mouth to y crossing opening surrounded by small y lip place. "The best way to attack the" here is with the tongue.

tongue, provoke a woman


in male not lick the end here "attack" the case is not in the minority; but in fact, here is a peripheral nerve in the letter; to female sexy zone, is one of the key is most likely to feel.

here because of body having and male y in the stem of the same organization; so when sexual excitement rising, there will still be erectile phenomenon. When the site erection, like the female reproductive organs of large open, set up ready to be inserted in the state, once the play progresses to sex this action, the site erection just become the insertion mark.

y vestibular in reproductive organs, occupies a larger area, step by step to lick with the tip of the tongue is also good, but if want to let female excitement to begged to insert words, the best use of the whole tongue sticking on one side. In general, the gonads and reproductive organs. Use the entire tongue sticking, be able to enjoy fully. If the tip of the nose to the Y pedicle can then, some stimulus words, the effect will be better.

in addition, the female body on the

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