Use twenty minutes of foreplay soaring orgasm

                to do 20 minutes of foreplay, the probability can make women reach orgasm rose from 25% to 90%!! Plan your 20 minutes, this than you struggling to sucker inserting half hours more easily let her ecstasy.

            foreplay flirting standards:

            don’t repeat the old

        don’t think you those who let the other girls. The recruit type two in front of her equally effective! Not only the woman and the woman each are not identical, even the same woman also with different mood and atmosphere have different needs. Learn to observe the form and adjust to changing circumstances is the top master who "dominance" martial arts essence.

        is always better than her slow

        lead your movements with her temperature, not your lust threw her burn. This should be the next you use any skill standards. Such as not to touch them before she did not take the initiative to straighten the tempting chest; she did not take hold of your hand on his legs before between only stayed in her waist and belly. Well, if you think you even do not have to make her orgasm, but the difference between the master and you in here: they can let a woman become a charming resign oneself to adversity bed beauty. (China sexual health network)

        ultimate foreplay techniques

        don’t put her naked

        not all of a sudden stripped her not only to slow and slow. Leave that small vest her personal; or take off her stockings and high-heeled shoes; in fact, even if it is only left over a necklace and two earrings, is enough to make you excited to the extreme. Moreover, these have a sense of restraint clothes and ornaments, will greatly stimulate the sexy valve her physical and mental.

        slow fire to burn good soup

        stir out flavor never than simmered to flavor. Dear time like lip stick glass, licking time like dust to the antique, feel the time was like to burn hand painted cream…… In short, according to the film slow shot speed command your mouth, tongue, hands, it will make her skin become hitherto unknown sensitive.

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