Users to the summer wet sexual techniques


skin more exciting

remember turning "the complete works of Aristotle" when, see the great philosophers put forward such a view: the man does not fit in the summer love , because the hot summer weather, will make men scrotal relaxation of winter; and is suitable for the man of the season, because in the winter when the crunch of scrotum.

words can not remember, to that effect. At that time, when you see this point of view, think this is a somewhat nonsense point. For a man who likes to have sex, the four seasons of a year is a good time for sex, and the summer is the best season. Wang Shuo once wrote that in "animal": "fierce in summer in my opinion is a dangerous season, hot weather makes people more exposed than in other seasons, so it is difficult to conceal the desire." Indeed, in such a hidden meat meat is seasonal, men want to do ascetic is almost impossible.

moisture, make skin dear between men and women than ever! amphoteric physiological because passion caused a series of "wet" effect, the cool feeling can start from home bathroom, of course, if a private swimming pool that is optimal cool of sex. In short, this year the play is the new and strange, break the traditional conception, let the "wet" sex to our summer life better.

human in the summer often have horny feeling, may also have to do with such a cause related: the summer sun will greatly enhance the " male serotonin in the water level and women blood in the female hormone levels, and then make sex more warm. Serotonin is a pleasant neurotransmitter, its content and active degree determines the sex and not durable. Psychiatrist Marcel pointed out that, studies show, "

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